jeudi 4 septembre 2014

Workflow manager not responding after cumulative update


If you have updated your workflow manager using the cumulative update :

So you probably facing an issue with your workflow manager, right ?

Ok this is how to fix it (it's weird I konw but this works for me)

Open your SQL management studio and run this script in the Sharepoint database

USE WFResourceManagementDB
INSERT INTO WorkflowServiceConfig VALUES('WorkflowServiceScopeSnapshotProcessBatchSize', '50')
INSERT INTO WorkflowServiceConfig VALUES('WorkflowServiceScopeSnapshotProcessLoopInterval', '00:05:00')
INSERT INTO WorkflowServiceConfig VALUES('WorkflowServiceSuspendedInstanceRetentionDuration', '00:30:00')
INSERT INTO WorkflowServiceConfig VALUES('WorkflowServiceMaxInstanceCompressedSizeKB', '5120')

This solution will help you deploy workflows again but you will be facing many other problems. so I recommand to reinstall your workflow manager on a clean Database. (reusing an existing database will not resolve your problems)

so detach your workflow manager from the farm and remove this databases list:

  1. WfManagementDB
  2. SbGatewayDatabase
  3. SBMessagingContainer01
  4. WFInstanceManagementDB
  5. WFResourceManagementDB
  6. SBManagementDB
And then you will be able to have a new workflow manager clean installation.

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